ISSUE 43 2022,   July

The Journal of Information Society

Foreword / Chyi-In Wu


Platform Labor: Who Makes Algorithmic Culture Possible? / Dr. Antonio Casilli and Dr. Wei-Ping Chen

Special Issues

Living in Partisan Enclaves? Examining Partisanship-driven Audience Fragmentation by Social Network Analysis / Ching-Chun Chen, Chen-Chao Tao

Keywords:E-I index, social network analysis, partisan selective exposure, partisan selective avoidance, audience fragmentation, audience duplication

Special Issues

Does a new normal in diplomacy? Exploring the Wolf Warrior Communication Strategy of CCP’s Twitter Diplomacy Using Topic and Network Modeling Technology / Jui-Hung Yen, Wen-Chen Fu

Keywords:social network analysis, CORPRO, Twitter diplomacy, machine learning, wolf warrior diplomacy

Special Issues

The Facebook Networking Among Political Candidates And Its Outcomes: An Empirical Study of the 2016 Legislative Election In Taiwan / Yue Tan, Tai-Quan Peng, Yen-sheng Chiang

Keywords:legislative election outcomes, Facebook campaign, social network analysis, peer network

Book reviews

Media Strategic Management Under Economic Narratives: Dialogue With the Innovative Theory of Contemporary Narrative Economics / Shi-Hwa Lo

Keywords:economic narratives, media strategic management, media management, narrative Economics, go viral.